With Dermalogica, we know healthy skin is beautiful skin, and that’s what you want. Dermalogica’s treatment manifesto is simple: offer completely customised skin treatment that not only feels amazing but also delivers incredible results every time.

Face Mapping® Skin Analysis

Price: Free
Time: 15 minutes

Expert analysis. Targeted results. Dermalogica’s Face Mapping® skin analysis provide a deep look into your skins health. The latest advances in skin analysis provide you with a treatment and skin car regime specifically designed to address your personal skin concerns.

Skin Scanning

Price: FREE
Time: 20 minutes

The skin scanner uses a special ultraviolet filter to reveal underlying damage in your skin long before it reaches the surface. The procedure is quick and completely painless. We will ask you to place your face into the scanner. It will detect problems in the form of different colours for different conditions. Blue is normal, but white indicates thickened skin, violet shows dehydration, yellow means oily and red indicates pigmentation. The skin scanner allows you to participate in identifying their own skin problems by “seeing is believing”. A thorough consultation is part of the scan. You will also receive
our Dermalogica Face Mapping with your personal skin prescription.

Skin Bar

Price: FREE
Time: 20 minutes

At this bar… you will be served a cocktail of Vitamins, Botanicals, and Extracts. This is a no-pressure zone where you: receive your Face Mapping skin analysis, ask all your skin care questions and perform your own hands-on mini-treatment, all under the guidance of a professional.


Price: £20
Time: 30 minutes

Our exclusive Dermalogica MicroZone® high intensity treatments focus on specific skin concerns.
Choose one of six MicroZone® treatments >>

Bright Skin

Resurface, renew and brighten skin with this maximum strength exfoliation treatment.

Moisture Boost

Rehydrate and replenish dry, thirsty skin with this intense moisture surge treatment that will lift away dulling skin debris to reveal plump new cells and help soften surface lines.

Age Management

Revitalise and energise while fighting visible signs of aging with this supreme restorative treatment. Nutrients and peptides are packed into the skin to firm, fortify and protect.

Skin Soothing

Quickly relieve redness, irritation and inflammation for sensitive irritated skin.

Rapid Spot Clearing

Destroy breakout-causing bacteria, expedite healing and sooth redness and inflammation. Smooth under-surface congestion with this clearing treatment.

Teen Clear Skin

This purifying treatment is designed to solve breakout related skin issues, deep cleans pores and expedites healing of inflamed breakouts for a clear, radiant complexion.